Day 32

Jan. 4th, 2010 11:22 pm
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So yeah, I had a slip up and attempted to smoke, which was pretty horrid so I'm back on straight and narrow. 

Also the only alcohol I had in that month was the New Years Eve celebratory sparkling goodness with the marvellous [ profile] louiselux and her lovely Mr Lux.  

Good times of hanging out with friends aside, I really don't remember ever having a worse month in my whole cosy, sheltered middle-class life. And I've spend half of that month snorkelling in Egypt! Yes, there right now is one of many reasons why nobody takes my ridiculous plight seriously :D

The actual problem is, uh, I can't really tell what's going on. As in, am I finally seeing my life, self and my relationship with startling clarity, what with no alcohol or nicotine in my system for a change  - or am I just rattled by withdrawals and overreacting to everything? It's a mystery! Also seems kind of overly ironic to go back on happy pills now, like hopping off one drug right onto the other. Hmmm.

Also, just when I thought I couldn't hate my house any more, today I've discovered that the floor under the bath tub has rotten through. As in, there are holes is it! Leading to dark, deep places! (well, basement probably, yeah) That, like, so symbolises my whole life! *goes off to write emo poetry* 

Speaking of emos, Colin Morgan as Jethro is ever so hot! Would anyone happen to have some Jethro fic  recs? Pretty please? Or write me some maybe?
new_kate: (keep rocking)
on which I discover that 15 milligram patches hit like a truck. Oh man.

Who's hopped up on nicotine replacements so much she can no longer blink?
\ me! /
Who's a fail machine with all the work cause she's reading Weiss Kreuz fic?
\ me! right on! /
Who's been jumping on her couch rocking out to Enter Shikari?
\ confused and unashamed! /
Who's gonna knit a neckerchief and wear it Merlin style?
\ sounds like a great idea! yeah! /
She's a complicated woman but no one understands her but her f-list.



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