Still watching right now. Taking a break to emotionally recover.

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 I hope I spelled that right.

Inglourious Basterds!!! Omg Tarantino I luv you (again) you are shameless and mad and a creepy, lovely nerd. 

This movie is essentially Reservoir Dogs  again but this time completely unrestrained. There are just no restraints. Things like budget, good taste, artistic integrity, convention, need for critical acclaim or outside approval, fear, loathing, sense of own mortality or shame - none of that matters even a little to this pen- and director chair- wielding maniac. His creative voice flows clear and perfect, and we can see directly into his pants soul like never before. 

"Am I the history of the negro in America?"
"Then I must be King Kong."

There are British spies, feet worship, bravery, celluloid, Hitler, Mike Myers, scalps, strudels and everything. All his favourite things. Aw, Quentin. Really, not that many people can create a pure self-indulgent wankfest of such golden beauty. Outside of the fandom, anyway.

Avatar is and probably will always be the best video game trailer on the planet EVER. 
As a movie it didn't quite work for me, but that was probably too much to have hoped for.

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From time to time when I watch a movie or a series I have to throw my arms up and scream "My God, who is the target audience here? Seriously? I don't understand!!! This makes no sense - oh wait. Right! Hehe. The target audience is me!"

Notable examples of such works of media include Saiyuki, Merlin, and now this.

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Utterly perfect. Nothing else needs saying, really. I want to watch it every day.

Weather Girl
The recession has leaked into the rom coms. Bleak and sad comedy that's more about fear of the future than it is about love. Now I think that the whole 80s revival was brought about in collective subconscious hope to invoke the 80s market boom, so we could once more have upbeat 80s style rom coms about Bette Midler making lots of money or something. 

The Boat That Rocked
I feel like I'm betraying my heritage by even watching movies such as V for Vendetta and this one. But I love them! They are fluffy! I've read too much about government oppression during  very tender formative years, and now I want stuff like this. The movie is truly great, even though all the female characters are written exactly the same: as unknowable creatures completely beyond ethics, morals and logic. But then again, it's more surprising when that's not the case, really.

Movies watched: 5
Pass the Bechdel Test: 0
People surprised by this: 0



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