The first stage of my foray into amateur dramatics is over! We have performed!

I think it went rather well. We pretty much sold out the first night and still had a respectable audience on the second. Okay, there were only like 30 chairs in the room, because we were putting on that play in a pub function room and couldn't move the pool table. ANYWAY.

It was super smooth both nights, no technical glitches, no fumbled lines, no unexpected ninja attacks. Granted, there wasn't that much to go wrong. For example, my part consisted of 40 minutes of sitting on the couch and spouting enigmatic lines - is Harold Pinter really a popular playwright over here? That play was like the opposite on a crowd pleaser.

Still, people clapped! And complimented us later when we hung out in the pub attempting to get drunk enough to stop shivering! And the director was happy, and, all in all, YEAH GO ME! \o/

My arms don't actually go like this \o/ in real life right now because to properly unwind from all that stage fright I've spent yesterday getting to a score of 1500 on Wii Sports Resort Swordplay. I am utterly useless in every sport ever, in real life and Wii both - even the Wii version of table tennis leaves me deeply baffled and vaguely ashamed of myself - but SWORDPLAY, oh, it speaks to my heart. So awesome.
Tonight is the opening night of the play! I'm so excited.

Slept very well even despite partaking in surprise fried chicken take-out my husband simply had to have at quarter to midnight. Only woke up once at 2:40 from the nightmare in which the performance venue was changed from a tiny pub in Preston town centre to, rather unexpectedly, a great hall of my Uni (in Siberia). Also in that dream I spilled coffee all over my dress, forgotten my lines, and was abandoned on stage by the rest of the crew who ran off in embarrassment.

It's almost like my brain is trying to send me some sort of a subtle subliminal message or something!

The dress rehearsal went very well. Which is supposedly a sure sign of impending disaster. I secretly hope nobody turns up so we can deliver all that confusing, mildly disturbing dialogue into the comforting quiet of an empty room, but we shall see. Last performance tomorrow and it's done!

Oh I also I now own a Nintendo Wii! See, I thought we couldn't have a game console because we didn't have a TV or indeed any analogue devices at all. But I have a husband who's handy for more than ordering junk food in the middle of night, so he somehow hooked it up to a computer monitor. I don't even know how! IT HAS SWORDPLAY. I seriously can't stop swordplaying. Even though it's just the hilarious Wii Sports Resort swordplay, TV game show style. God I love it.

Rec me Wii games! Bloody, gory sword fighting games especially, but I'm open to anything. Now that the rehearsals are over I'm going to finally FINALLY finish my current writing projects and then I'm going to play Wii till I can's lift my arms anymore, oh yeah, hell yeah.



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